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“I worked with Seannon at, and since as a contractor developing content for Seannon is a talented and creative graphic artist with great ideas, work ethic, and attention to detail. Seannon stays up on the latest trends, and I’ve worked with him on projects that needed to ramp up quickly, and he’s taught himself the necessary skills from scratch. Seannon launched the backend of the online community and revised the website to shift from e-commerce to a content portal. Seannon is also skilled at managing email marketing, and balancing the different needs of distinct B2C and B2B brands under the same roof. Seannon stays up on the latest research and trends in graphic design, web marketing, and social media.” Doug Smith

Sr. Recruiter, Community Tech Manager at eBay

I worked with Seannon for three years and was always impressed by his creative design skills (although the product line didn’t change often, he was able to keep the graphics fresh and visually appealing), his ability to produce effective graphics (that prompted action by our audience) and his dedication to delivering my artwork per the specified deadlines. Seannon was always willing to roll up his sleeves to get the work done and I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.” Cynthia Penrod

Controller, Brixton LLC

“Seannon has a great eye for graphics. His Photoshop abilities in my opinion are second to none. He can turn an idea with very few details into a master piece of advertising.” Glenn Kricheldorf

Owner, California Body and Paint

“Highly conscientious in his creative work, Seannon has great follow-through in meeting project deadlines. He delivered proactive creative in highly stressful situations which resulted in positive customer response, greater client retention and increased loyalty base for the company.” Sidnee C

Licensed Acupuncturist , Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine

“Seannon is a detail-oriented manager who never loses sight of the strategic objective. He is hard working and a real people person.” Jill Sadey

Manager, Management Consulting

“Having worked with Seannon for almost 15 years, I can strongly recommend Seannon for his impeccable work ethic, lightning speed and inspired creativity as both a Graphic Artist and Creative Director.” Doug Allen

Principal, Alanpuri Trading

“I’m more than happy to be able to offer my recommendation of Seannon. The level of work Seannon provides has always surpassed expectations. A lot of what we have to do is one the fly and Seannon never missed a beat, never once. Quick, professional, a customer (internal and external) friendly and very skillful at his art, Seannon has always executed at a very high level.” Marshall Crawford

Marketing Manager, Kahoots Marketing

“Seannon is an outstanding graphic artist. He is able to produce an amazing work product in a very short amount of time. He is not only efficient but incredibly effective at what he does. His detailed knowledge on software and current technologies enables Seannon to do a fantastic job time and time again. He is highly skilled and does great work!” Peter Green MBA

Director of Marketing, I Drive Safely e-Learning

“I worked with Seannon for 6 years in the same company. I was always impressed by the creative skills, quality work and fast delivery on every project. He is one of the few that would understand your concept and over deliver each time.” Bogdan Deac


“I have worked with Seannon for over 3 years while at Genica Corp. He has consistently delivered the highest quality work, and has always met or exceeded his deliverables. I believe his professional demeanor with his artistic skills make him a very capalble and qualified addition to any workforce. I highly recommend him.” Neil Pieramico

Western US Sales Manager, Genica Corporation

“Was a pleasure to have worked with Seannon at Genica Corp. His no-nonsense work ethics and attention to detail really made my job go smoothly. I knew I could depend on him to get me the images and artwork that I needed in a timely manner. Seannon works really well under pressure as our jobs there at Genica are on a daily, hourly deadline to get ads and artwork out for each department. I would gladly work with Seannon again.” Jesse J. Bueno

Programming Manager, Genica Corporation

“Seannon is one of the most talented professionals in the Marketing, Advertising, and Design worlds!
I personally had the opportunity to witness his work ethic, creative talent, dedicated leadership, and innovation while with Genica Corporation. He enjoys a challenge and once dedicated to a company and/or project he gets the job done with excellent respect to detail, punctuality, and expectation.” Tammy Rebecca Serrin

Sr. Recruiter, Quality Staffing | Solutions

“Seannon is a very gifted, creative artist. He is a strong performer under pressure, having to deliver large amounts of content under very tight deadlines – a committed teammate.” Patrick Thompson

Controller, Brixton LLC

“Seannon is a very knowledgeable of his craft and understands what his clients need. He delivers when it comes to producing great products and is always looking out for his customer.” Brenda Dominguez

Human Resources Specialist, MCCS

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